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STEP Bolivia 

STEP is a model for churches that want to go deeper in building relationships with Christians in the developing world. The STEP program is designed to give our most innovative churches the opportunity to partner and connect with a specific country and partner through CBM. This program is an initiative that invites Canadian churches to move beyond financial support. STEP churches are direct stakeholders in the work of nurturing passionate discipleship for local and global missions. 


CBM is committed to building relationships by acting as a liaison between churches and our international partners.  In Bolivia, your church will partner with our ministry staff, the Chagas Project, and the Emanuel Foundation in Cochabamba. 


Bruno and Kathleen Soucy live in Guatemala and serve together as CBM Team Leaders for Latin America.  As part of their role, they support and work alongside our partners in Bolivia.

CBM Field Staff Patty Nacho serves as Global Discipleship Coordinator in Bolivia. She works alongside our partners and local churches in the region. Patty also collaborates with Canadian church leaders to develop trips through CBM’s SENT program, which offers hands-on global discipleship experiences.


Patty is also the CBM staff responsible for the Emmanuel Foundation project.  In this role, she provides ministry accompaniment and support. 


Emanuel Foundation offers hope to children by providing them with nutritional & academic support, teaching them skills, their rights & obligations, responsibility, and most importantly the opportunity to know God.  Through your partnership, CBM is providing this important ministry with stable, reliable support to allow them to continue this important ministry


The Chagas project provides the materials needed to renovate homes and make them ‘vinchuca-proof,’ as well as facilitate community health education to help promote better preventative practices. 


Your funds will further provide agricultural resources such as animals, plants, and bees, as well as their related materials and accompanying training.

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